Shipping and Returns Policy

Novel Concept Designs 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Novel Concept Designs stands by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Novel Concept Designs pledges to work with our customers to make sure the final product that they receive either electronic or shipped is exactly what they are looking for. Novel Concept Designs will send comps via email and will continue to work on your product until you approve the comp via email. If for whatever reason we cannot deliver the exact product you are looking for, we will refund your money 100%.  Due to the nature of Personalized Printed Invitations, once a proof has been approved and shipped, we do not offer refunds.  


Mail Shipments

Novel Concept Designs cannot guarantee mail delivery, as delivery will be through third parties such as USPS, UPS, FedEx. If for whatever reason your shipment is lost, Novel Concept Designs will work with the carrier to resolve any issues, and re-ship your items as soon as Novel Concept Designs reaches a resolution with the carrier. 


We ship via USPS unless asked otherwise.  We offer two types of shipping.

  • 1st Class Shipping: (Can take up to 7-10 Days) This is USPS' standard shipping rate.  Shipping times vary depending on where you live in the US, how far from Orlando, FL.  This method is offered for Free unless you order less than 6 Invitations, then it has a cost of $2.60 
  • Priority Mail: (2-3 Days) This is an expedited shipping option.  Delivery is usually within 3 Days in the Continental US of shipping date.
  • Express Mail: (1-3 Days) Items can be shipped express if requested.  Delivery is Guaranteed within 3 Days.


Digital Shipments

Novel Concept Designs can guarantee digital delivery. Novel Concept Designs will work with you to make sure digital files are delivered where ever you need them to be, we can support email, ftp, Dropbox, and Google Drive delivery mechanisms.



Novel Concept Designs can guarantee our own printing to be of exceptional quality, all images are 300dpi. Novel Concept Designs cannot however guarantee the quality of third party printers. Novel Concept Designs will give you detailed printing instructions and recommendations of third party companies that will give you a quality result.

 All Printed Items are made to order. Since your items are created just for you, we do not print any products ahead of time.  Please allow 2 Business days for production. Due to the nature of Personalized Printed Invitations, once a proof has been approved and shipped, we do not offer refunds.  

Reprinting Costs

If you find a mistake after I have printed, you will be responsible for any reprinting costs.
We charge $1.00 per page of Printed Invitations. (Reprinted Invitations do not include envleopes.)

  • - 4x6 print 3 per Page
  • - 2x6 print 6 per Page. 

If you discover the mistake after they have the shipped, you will also be responsible for any shipping costs. 

Cancellation Policy

Digital Files: We do not offer refunds/cancellations once the invitation has been created and sent to the customer via email. If you cancel before the item is created, you will be charged a 15% restocking/cancellation fee.

Printed Items: If you want to cancel your order before the invitation has been created, there will be a 15% restocking/supply fee. 
If you ask to cancel after you have been sent a proof, you will be charged for the Digital File fee ($9.95) + a 15% restocking/supply fee. 

** All Printed Invitations include a small logo for Novel Concept Designs. **

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

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